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Choosing a Suburban Life Over City Living

Choosing a Suburban Life Over City Living
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Suburban life in Portland has many options. Choosing the right house for you and your family can be a very daunting process. One thing to note, however, is that the type, style and square footage of your home are all secondary to location. Location is the one property feature that homeowners can never alter. You can redecorate, upgrade, and add on to a home, but its location will always remain fixed.  Another thing to note about Portland is that we have a substantial amount of employment located in the suburbs.  Being able to work close to home can avoid many of the ever-increasing commutes into Portland.  As you decide whether or not you and your loved ones want to choose a suburban life over city living,  you should consider these five benefits that can be gained from a commitment to suburban living.

  1. Get More Square Footage for Your Money
    When compared to the average Portland city home, a house in the suburbs will usually provide far more square footage for the money.  Portland’s suburbs offer a large variety of neighborhoods built during the last sixty years or so.  Each decade reflects changes in architecture and design. However, the one common element was to design neighborhoods around nature and not on a grid pattern like the City of Portland.  This allowed homes to be surrounded by active wildlife and plenty of trees.
  2. Less Noise and Less Pollution
    For some people, there’s nothing like falling asleep to the sound of trains, freeway traffic, and outside conversations. Although noise is certainly a part of life in the suburbs it is on a far more muted scale. Fewer cars driving down the street in front of your home and the lack of commercial/retail building within several blocks make a noticeable difference.  Suburbs are home to 100-year-old trees, greenways, and many parks.
  3. Top-Rated Schools
    Whether or not you have or intend to have kids, it’s important to look for property in neighborhoods with top-rated schools.  The close-in neighborhoods of Portland have great schools but the outer neighborhoods find schools that are struggling. The suburbs of Portland have some of the highest-rated school districts in the State and most of the private schools.
  4. Enjoy Living in a Tight-Knit Community
    Cities often provide a much broader range of housing options than most suburbs. City residents can live in apartments, condos, family homes, townhouses, and more. There’s also a much higher number of renters in cities than there are in suburban areas. This means that both units and neighborhoods tend to have higher turnover rates and that residents have much less opportunity to forge long-lasting bonds and establish a strong sense of community. This is hardly the case in the suburbs. Historically, suburban children have the chance to grow up together given that many suburban homeowners retain their properties throughout most or all of their lifetimes.
  5. Take an Active Role in Community and Government
    If you love democracy and want to start taking a more active role in the development and maintenance of your community and schools, the suburbs are probably perfect for you. With fewer people living in the region, it’s much easier for residents to assume roles within local government, and to voice their opinions and be heard. This benefit additionally gives property owners a greater ability to take part in decision-making processes for issues that could positively or negatively impact their property values.

While the suburbs lack the high energy and excitement of close-in Portland neighborhoods, they do have a number of important amenities for ensuring an optimally high quality of life. Residents can find a wonderful array of restaurants, grocery stores, and entertainment venues, right within their own neighborhoods. Best of all, they can enjoy these things while still managing to escape some of the noise, pollution, and ongoing stresses of living in a densely populated area.

Is choosing a suburban life over a city life right for your family?

Beaverton, Portland’s oldest Suburb


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