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Before & After photosBesides deep cleaning and decluttering, there are a few simple home updates you can to do make your home to help it sell fast and be more attractive to buyers. These DIY projects will highlight the best features of your home and help you find a buyer quickly. Plus, most cosmetic fixes can increase your home’s value enough to be financially worth it as well.

Here’s where to focus your time and money.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

Potential homebuyers are heavily influenced by the appearance of the home as they come up the front walkway, reports MarketWatch. This is why it’s so important to make a good first impression. It’s highly recommended that you pressure wash the siding, decks, steps, and walkways. Remove clutter from around your entrance, add a few natural accents, clean your windows, and give your front door a fresh coat of paint. You can even get new house numbers, porch lights, and a mailbox. Finally, tidy up your landscaping and plant new flowers. Keep your landscaping low-maintenance so buyers aren’t overwhelmed by upkeep requirements.

Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

Updating your entire kitchen is one of the best ways to make your house desirable to buyers. However, if you’re looking for a quicker fix, focus on the cabinets. Zillow recommends repainting your cabinets instead of replacing them completely. Try to avoid dark or colorful tones and opt for white or other light, neutral shades. Update the hardware on your cabinets with simple stainless-steel knobs or handles. While you’re in the kitchen, declutter and clean your counters.

Paint the Walls

Refreshing the paint in every room of the house will help it feel cleaner and more inviting. First, remove outdated wallpaper. Then, go for neutral paint colors such as light grey, beige and white. These light shades help rooms feel bigger and brighter. Light blue tones in kitchens and bathrooms tend to compliment white countertops and cabinets nicely.

Replace Flooring

If your carpet is looking outdated or stained, you should probably replace it. Old, dark, and colorful carpet will actually hurt the value of your home more than the cost of replacing it. Either replace them with new beige carpets or install hardwood floors. Though hardwood might be expensive, you’ll likely make back most of the money spent on them when you sell. A wood-patterned vinyl flooring is a less expensive alternative and can be installed by yourself.  Just keep in mind that if you replace your flooring with tile, you’ll need a high-suction vacuum that can keep it thoroughly and properly clean.

Organize Your Storage

When you’re decluttering, don’t just stuff everything into your closets. Buyers want to look into your storage space to see if it meets their needs. If your storage is cluttered, buyers may think that the home doesn’t have enough room for their stuff. Clean out at least half of each closet so it looks like you have plenty of storage space. Get rid of storage containers and organizational solutions left out in the open since this also gives the impression that the home lacks storage.

Calculate How Much You Can Make By Selling

These fixes might take some time, but most of them are fairly low-cost. Regardless, you should calculate approximately how much money you can make selling your home before spending money on repairs. You may save money by selling your home yourself without paying real estate commissions, but national statistics state that Realtors will actually get you more money and take care of all the paperwork and negotiating. But, you’ll still have to consider lender fees, moving costs, and closing fees. When you’re preparing your home for sale, only make cosmetic fixes that will be reimbursed when you sell. You’ll only be able to make back an average of 64.4 percent of the cost of big home improvement projects when you sell. So, stick to the smaller fixes mentioned here.

While you’re tackling these DIY projects, make any minor repairs that you’ve been putting off for a while. Potential buyers will scrutinize every inch of your home and are always on the lookout for signs of further maintenance issues. Get the asking price you’re hoping for by making your home appear updated and well-maintained!

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