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Moving to a New Town

Moving to a New Town

The Stress-Free Guide to Moving to a New Town

Moving to a new town can be tough for parents and kids alike. If you’re feeling out of place, don’t worry – it can take months for your new surroundings to feel like home. Fortunately, there are several ways to ease the transition. Start by working with an experienced real estate agent who can help you navigate the tricky home buying process, then follow these tips to make your move a little smoother.

Make New Connections

Before your moving day, it’s important to know where to go for services that your family will need, and having some contact information will be a plus if anything comes up right after you move in. A leaky faucet or sprained ankle can add enough angst on their own, but if you don’t know where to turn, it’s that much worse in a new place. Research some necessities, like a new dentist, doctor, veterinarian, plumber, electrician, and car insurance provider. Real Estate Agents often have lists of reliable contractors.  You may also want to ask for a Home Warranty when purchasing that will cover the first year of unexpected mechanical repairs.

On top of having contact information in hand, some of these concerns affect your budget. For instance, your new zip code could have a significant influence on your car insurance rates. If you’re moving somewhere where insurance is on the pricey side, search for a provider who offers discounts for bundling car insurance with other policies, such as home insurance.

Unpacked and Organized

Although moving to a new town can feel overwhelming, the sooner you get unpacked, the sooner your new environment will start to feel familiar. With that in mind, make a moving essentials checklist to ensure that everything you need during your first week—such as toilet paper, clothing, and toothpaste—is easily accessible.

When you reach your new home, dig in by unpacking your large appliances and furniture. Then, move on to setting up your bathrooms and kitchen. It’s also a good idea to prioritize unpacking your kids’ rooms so they can start settling in as soon as possible. To keep your kids entertained while you chip away at the unpacking, Koala Mom suggests letting them get creative with the empty cardboard boxes! It’s a great way to put those empties to use and keep the kids away from the chaos.

Your Personal Touch

Once all of your household essentials are unpacked and put away, it’s time to start decorating. If space is tight, My Truck Buddy recommends using room corners to your advantage. Corners are perfect for small bookshelves, hanging lamps, potted plants, and writing desks. Don’t forget to consider the traffic flow of each room as you decorate. Make sure your family will be able to walk through the living room without tripping or stubbing their toes. To decorate with your kids in mind, think durable rugs, multifunctional furniture that doubles as toy storage, and extra seating for playdates.

Meet the Community

To really feel at home in your new space, take some time to get to know the community. Realtors often recommend hosting an open house, so you can meet your new neighbors and learn about the area from people who have lived there for years (several will even pay for it!). When you’re ready to head into town, you can learn a lot about the area at local spots like the public library, visitor center, and coffee shops. Don’t be shy about venturing outside and exploring nearby walking trails and parks with your kids and pets as well. Many areas around Portland have local newspapers.

Ease the Transition

According to Thriveworks, the impact of moving is hardest on children over five years old. Help your kids get acclimated to your new home by finding ways to provide security and stability to this transitional period in their lives. If possible, take them exploring in the neighborhood before moving, and head to a nearby playground so they can interact with local kids. You can even sign your kids up for area activities and groups, like Girl Scouts or soccer! Also, remember moving can also be tough on pets, so try to spend extra time around your furry family members until they feel secure in their new space.

With some good planning and the right approach, moving somewhere new with your family can be an exciting and memorable experience. Try to take things slow and be open with your kids to ensure they are comfortable with the big change. Before you know it, you will all feel right at home!

Contributed by,  Kristin Louis www.parentingwithkris.com


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