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Looking for a walkable neighborhood?


Now you can find areas and addresses based on walkability with Walk Score.

The website scores neighborhoods on a scale of 1 to 100 in terms of how easy it is to get around without a car, based on the distance from a house to nearby amenities. Walk Score measures how easy it is to live a car-lite lifestyle?not how pretty the area is for walking. Any score of 90 and above is considered to be a “walker’s paradise”. Portland has seven paradise neighborhoods, and also 19 more that are deemed very walkable.

Why should you care about the walkablility of a neighborhood? Well, walkable neighborhoods offer surprising benefits to our health, the environment, and our communities.

A study in Washington State found that the average resident of a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood weighs 7 pounds less than someone who lives in a sprawling neighborhood. Residents of walkable neighborhoods also drive less and therefore suffer fewer car accidents.

Cars are a leading cause of global warming. Your feet are zero-pollution transportation machines.

Compact neighborhoods tend to have higher population density, which leads to more public transportation options and bicycle infrastructure. Not only is taking the bus cheaper than driving, but riding a bus is ten times safer than driving a car!

Walking promotes face-to-face interaction with your neighbors. Studies have shown that for every 10 minutes a person spends in a daily car commute, time spent in community activities falls by 10%.

Dense, walkable neighborhoods provide local businesses with the foot traffic they need to thrive. It’s easier for pedestrians to shop at many stores on one trip, since they don’t need to drive between destinations.

So whether you are looking for a new neighborhood to move to, or you are just curious about how your current address rates, you can find Walk Score at www.WalkScore.com The MLS search on my website includes the walk score for all properties currently for sale:?MLS PROPERTY SEARCH


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