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How to Plan an Interstate Relocation

How to Plan an Interstate Relocation

When thinking about moving to another state, you might find yourself in a chaotic state of mind. Apart from the anxiety regarding your entire life relocation, you could feel overwhelmed by simple moving tasks. Packing and organizing your valuables can be tiresome activities. Sometimes, buying a new house can lead to unexpected costs, especially if your new home needs renovation, which can be frustrating. However, there’s no reason to be alarmed when trying to plan an interstate relocation. Even such a life-changing decision can be carried out speedily with well-organized planning. Following this straightforward guide could reshape your relocation experience and turn it into a remarkable memory for the entire family!

There’s no such thing as excessive planning

It might appear that moving to another state doesn’t require you to dedicate any particular attention to a detailed organization. However, it would help if you analyzed various particularities before you arrange a specific moving date. For example, it would be best to plot a stress-free transition to a new town before your change. Still, you will need to devote your attention to several more tasks preceding your interstate relocation.

Decide on a specific budget before you plan an interstate relocation

If you have already decided on the exact city you will move to, you know the actual distance you will need to travel. You are aware that the relocation cost is not determined by mileage only. Still, calculating it might help plan your finances and settle on specific funds you will be able to commit to this event. Your calculation should include:

  1. The estimated travel costs – They usually include the fuel expenses and vary depending on your destination’s distance.
  2. Storage expenses – Your move-out date could differ from the date of your moving in. Therefore it might be necessary to include the costs of storing your belongings. Try to do your research in advance to make sure you select the most trustworthy option. It would also be best if you did not disregard your accommodation costs during that time.
  3. Packing – Packing costs might appear as the most affordable aspect of your budget. However, they can significantly affect your finances if not properly planned. Your estimate should include the packing material expenses and the cost of hiring help for dismantling the bulky furniture.

A proper estimate of your finances can make the relocation process as manageable as possible

A person doing paperwork
A proper estimate of your finances can make the relocation process as manageable as possible
  1. Usually overlooked costs – If you have decided to plan an interstate relocation, plenty of parts could pass unnoticed despite the effort you put into organizing it. The expenses can vary from hiring a cleaning company to ensure the property you leave behind is spotless to the costs of food your family needs during the trip to your destination. A long-distance journey can be incredibly overwhelming for children. Therefore, you might want to invest in games or activities that could make the trip more pleasant for everyone.

Select a reliable moving company

Choosing a dependable and trustworthy moving company ensures that the budget you have set for moving remains as planned. However, searching for the right company can be tiresome. It would be best to consult friends who have gone through the whole relocation process for recommendations. When selecting a company, it is necessary to pay attention to their license, research their online reviews and complaints, and check whether there is a free estimate. Careful research will ensure that the moving costs remain within your budget.

Long-distance relocation might seem like a complicated process, especially if you are on a tight schedule or need to move during the busy season. Last-minute moving in the summer can considerably complicate the task of settling on a company from your city. Some companies might raise their prices if a short notice move is at stake. If this is the case, the best option would be to research the moving companies from the state you are moving to.

Choosing movers from Oregon instead of the ones from the most populous states such as New York or California can ensure an affordable move, even during the busy season. Even though it might appear that your company choices would be narrowed, this does not necessarily need to be the case. Suppose you devote your time to detailed research. In that case, you will notice that there are plenty of options in Oregon for finding reliable help, as well as in many other less populated states.

Changing your address isn’t about the furniture transfer only

Your successful closing on the house often depends on hiring a reputable real estate agent. However, there still could be a few technical details that require detailed organizing before moving into a new place. To avoid unnecessary costs, you should remember to visit the post office to forward your mail to a new address. It is crucial to cancel or transfer existing utilities as well. Making a checklist could be useful when planning an interstate relocation because many necessary tasks could pass unnoticed. The list which could offer help might look like this:

  • Change your address at the post office
  • Change your address in all the documents
  • Cancel all the unnecessary memberships (gym, theater membership, etc.)
  • Register to vote
  • Choose a medical care plan in a new state

Interstate relocation involves a transfer of utilities and subscriptions

A person putting a letter in a mailbox
Interstate relocation involves a transfer of utilities and subscriptions

Almost ready to go

If you have carefully structured your moving plan and scheduled an exact date with a reliable moving company, now would be the best time to begin packing. It could seem like the least difficult task. Nevertheless, it requires a proper packing plan not to lose or damage any of your belongings. Whether you have decided to engage in this process on your own or have hired help, it would be best to organize the items according to the room and label them fitly.

Meticulous planning and organization help you anticipate any obstacle and relocate with ease

A couple moving in
Meticulous planning and organization help you anticipate any obstacle and relocate with ease

Make sure to declutter the space and dismantle all the heavy furniture to prepare for the moving company’s arrival. If you dedicate enough time to get everything ready before they arrive, none of the unpredictable circumstances could surprise you. The only unfinished task left is to buckle up and enjoy the ride.


Moving is never an effortless task, especially when a full-time job occupies most of your time. However, suppose you begin preparing for the relocation early. In that case, you will be able to carry it out without any excessive delays. We hope that you are now able to plan an interstate relocation and begin your new life afresh!


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