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DIY Bedroom Makeover

4 Ways to Simplify Your DIY Bedroom Makeover

Thinking of making over your bedroom? Giving your bedroom a fresh new look can be a great way to update your home, but you don’t want a fun project to turn into a major headache. There are so many elements to consider, but often the smallest changes can make the most difference. So, if you are not sure where to start when it comes to updating your bedroom, then you should keep these simple tips in mind.

Add Elements to Improve Your Sleep

If you are going to makeover your bedroom, you have to give some consideration to your sleep habits. A better bedroom design can definitely make you happy, but if it also helps you sleep better at night, you are more likely to wake up in a positive mood to conquer your days. As part of that design, you should take full advantage of your window treatments. Sure, you can add some pops of color or texture with your curtains and blinds. But if you want to add some quality to your sleep, look for window treatments that block out more light. Warm temperatures can also make it more difficult to sleep, so think about making room for a new fan to boost the comfort of your bedroom.

Change Your Paint Color for a New Look

Sometimes, all you need to pull your bedroom together is a new coat of paint. Changing up the color of your bedroom walls is a surprisingly simple project that can completely change the look and feel of your room. Update those stark white walls with a more modern color palette that fits in with your own personal style. A soft blue paired with a cool white is always a relaxing choice for bedrooms, but don’t overlook bold color choices like a warm black either. Black can be a soothing color as well and can add some serious style to your spaces. Don’t feel like painting your entire bedroom? Painting an accent wall can still be a simple way to completely update any space in your home. This is also a safe way to experiment with bolder colors or even patterns.

Plan Your Makeover From Start to Finish

Thinking about paint colors and window treatments can be exciting. If you want to keep your project as stress-free as possible though, you should focus your energy on creating a solid plan. First, come up with a budget for your room makeover. You can change up a bedroom with as little as $100, or you can really splurge on your space. Once you have a budget in mind, take a good look around your room. Think carefully about what you would like to change or add, and think about what will flow with your personal decor style. If the rest of your home is mid-century modern, going with a boho theme in your bedroom could be too jarring. You can definitely mix decor styles, but you really want to keep the same feel throughout your home.

Avoid Adding Any Clutter to Your Bedroom

As you work on updating the style in your bedroom, you may want to work on minimizing clutter as well. Clutter at home has been linked to more stress and mental health issues, and having a cluttered bedroom can make it much harder to relax at night. Use your makeover as an opportunity to get your bedroom organized. Running out of room for seasonal clothing or extra bedding? Add some DIY rolling storage to safely stow those items away until you need them again. You can also add shelves and hooks to display hats, artwork, and collections that can add some personality to your room, while also cutting down on clutter. Finally, if you have items leftover, try selling them online to fund your next home makeover project.

A DIY bedroom makeover can be a fun way to spend a weekend, but you have to know where to start. By creating a plan for your project and keeping some essential steps in mind, you can keep this update from stressing you out and start relaxing in your new bedroom in no time.

Great ways to remove clutter from your life.

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