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Buying a Home that Needs Repairs

Buying a Home that Needs Repairs

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Yes, You Should Still Consider Buying That Home if It Needs These Repairs

When you’re in the market for a new home, it’s easy to have the highest of expectations. However, the market rarely meets those expectations—in full, at least. Too many buyers pass up great homes due to the need for repairs. When concerns arise, a trustworthy agent like Jolynne Ash can help guide your decision-making, and you can also glean a lot of pointers through these resources:

The Most Common Problems

Here are some of the most common problems you can run into as a home buyer:

  • A major or minor issue with the roof can usually be fixed by a professional.
  • Water heater problems are not uncommon; the severity of the issue will determine whether you should DIY or call a pro.
  • HVAC systems can be fickle; you might need a professional to assess whether or not it needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • Indoor air pollution is even more common than outdoor pollution, but it can be resolved by an air filtration system.

Other Problems for DIY

Here are some other common issues, all of which are relatively simple and safe to try fixing on your own:

  • Unattractive landscaping is a big deal when it comes to curb appeal, but you can improve that yourself.
  • The interior paint scheme is horrendous. Repaint it yourself!
  • If the home has outdated light fixtures, those can often be replaced by DIY.
  • Sticking windows and doors can also be fixed pretty easily, though if nothing you try works, it could indicate a serious foundation problem.

Other Problems for the Pros

Some repairs should be handled by a professional because they require extensive work and/or are dangerous when you lack expertise and/or tools:

  • If a home you’re interested in is still rocking popcorn ceilings, a pro can take on this really messy, time-consuming, and easy-to-screw-up project.
  • Installing or replacing crown molding takes a lot of time and is easy to mess up.
  • Replacing a door is tricky, so bring in a professional for a proper job.
  • And if you need to install new flooring, you can save time, stress, and money by getting it done professionally.

Some problems are deal-breakers. Many shouldn’t be. Consider the common issues discussed above, and factor in your budget and timeframe to determine whether that house you like is worth fixing.



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