Braking Cycles: A new nonprofit model dedicated to instilling hope through opportunity for Portland’s homeless and at-risk youth communities

We volunteer once a month for Transitional Youth, a nonprofit committed to at-risk youth in Portland, in addition to donating a percentage of our commissions to the organization. As of today, TY has officially expanded…

Transitional Youth (TY) was founded by Bert and Susy Waugh to support homeless children in the community. TY serves the at-risk and homeless youth in our community by providing outreach, support, housing and guidance to help these young people cultivate the knowledge and skills to build healthy, productive and happy lives.

Since its inception in 1991, the organization has seen its fair share of accomplishments. From opening its first transitional home in 2005 to watching countless at-risk youth realize their potential and succeed in breaking the never-ending cycle of homelessness. Now, in 2017, 26 years after beginning their dream and 12 years after opening their first of many homes, Bert and Susy Waugh, under their director, Rhona Mahl, will watch as the doors open to their newest nonprofit endeavor; a coffee, bike and art shop called Braking Cycles. The new Portland coffee and bike shop celebrates and taps into the love of Portland culture to raise awareness of the destructive cycles that prevent our youth from dreaming and achieving, and instead, trapped and hopeless.

Through this new social endeavor, Braking Cycles offers Portland’s at-risk youth, hope and tangible experiences that provide them with the skills to dream, reach, and achieve. We believe this is where responsibility, health and self-sufficiency can become the new cycle. We believe this is where true community healing is not only realized but cultivated.

Please stop by for a cup of coffee to support a worthy cause! Or if you are interested in finding out more about Transitional Youth or Braking Cycles and how you can contribute your time, energy or finances to help transform lives, find a link to TY and Braking Cycles’ websites below.

Braking Cycles 

3354 SE Powell Blvd. Portland OR 97202

Braking Cycles

Transitional Youth


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  1. donna matthews

    Well, I don’t often admit that I am just a new story away from a serious crying, blubbering breakdown! This story on channel 12 news this morning about this place was the one that sent me over the edge. I loved, really loved, the story of the penny floor. She explained how it came to be. How most of the time you’ll step over a penny on the street throw Penney’s away, who just don’t seem to be worth the effort to even bend over and pick one up in the street when you see it! I thought about how many times I was guilty of said Behavior. But you gather enough of them together and you can build a beautiful Hardy floor. And apparently that’s what the floors made of in this little coffee shop. This is going to be one of my 2018 must see attractions. A penny floor that benefits Portland at risk and homeless youth. Beautiful. By the grace of God I too have not had to experience homelessness, except for a couple of weeks, in the dead of winter, about 14 years ago. Homelessness was not the epidemic it is today. And I’m sure that has much to do with organizations like this. They do good things. Really good things. Yes I know that’s Oregon lotteries tagline, but couldn’t be more harmful, and destructive, the truth be told. So if you have extra money laying around, don’t throw it away on the Oregon Lottery, invest it in programs like this. They do good things!


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