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Best places to raise a family in the Portland area

Best places to raise a family in the Portland area

What makes a city a great place to live? People of different ages and interests will give you different answers. But some common factors dictate the overall quality of life. Each family will prioritize these factors differently, from safety and educational opportunities to convenience and location. The best places to raise a family in the Portland area are many, but your final choice will depend on your budget and personal priorities.

Arlington Heights – has everything around the corner

In the southwest of Portland city, tucked between Forest Park and Washington Park, lays Arlington Heights. If you’re looking for affordable homes, excellent schools, and educational amenities all around you, Arlington Heights is the right place for you. It’s only a couple of minutes away from the Oregon Zoo, Children’s Museum, Japanese garden, and so many other great places to enjoy. But more importantly, it is a very safe neighborhood, close to downtown Portland. Most of the homes in this area are turn-of-the-century houses, surrounded by trees and nature. The residents of Arlington Heights would gladly testify that living here offers the best suburban life amenities a neighborhood could provide.

A Japanese garden

East Moreland – legacy homeowners

East Moreland is famous for its amazing schooling system, making it one of the best places to raise a family in the Portland area. Most of the residents live in inherited homes, and sometimes it can be hard to find these houses on the market. But, if you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of outstanding homes, golf courses, and Rhododendron gardens. And all that just a short ride from downtown Portland. Unlike Arlington Height, this neighborhood is all flat but has many old trees in it. Owning a home in East Moreland will make you a part of a strong, close-knit community – having welcoming neighbors is very important when moving to another town or country.

Northwest Heights – a neighborhood with the best curb appeal

Northwest Heights is located just five minutes away from downtown Portland, bordered by Forest Park and Linnton neighborhoods. Unlike prestigious Healy Heights, Northwest Heights has newer and bigger homes mainly built in the 1990s. These homes are neatly maintained with well-kept sidewalks that provide fantastic curb appeal. The suburb is covered in vegetation, and it gives a unique feeling of living in a forest. With its amicable and lively neighbors, Northwest Height is a great place to raise your children in.

But one of the best things about living in any Portland suburb is the services the city offers. From locally owned big and small businesses to moving companies – everything is top quality. Even if you’re moving long-distance, the Portland area will make finding reliable professionals who can take care of the process for you a piece of cake. You just need to relax and focus on more important things, like planning the interior design for your new home.

Marshall Park – for pristine nature lovers

Marshall Park has a fantastic offer of mid-century homes in a great location. Most homes here are very affordable, with the median home price of $479,646. Its name speaks for itself since “The Park” is basically one big green area with amazing natural sights. It is a pristine neighborhood for nature lovers who prioritize a healthy lifestyle, making it one of the best places to raise a family in the Portland area. What’s more important than having your kids grow up in a healthy environment?

Fantastic forest trails along Tyron Creek and a community playground will make every afternoon enjoyable and peaceful. Most of the residents are families and retirees. However, lately, the millennials have started picking Marshall Park, as well.

Healy Heights – prestigious Hollywood-like mansions

Healy Heights is in southwest Portland, above Arlington Heights. Most of the architecture here is turn-of-the-century, grand homes. And even the newer designs tend to match their historical predecessors with fabulous Hollywood-like mansions around every corner. Only a couple minutes from NW 23rd Ave, the neighborhood has fast access to the city but still vibes suburban. The median home price is almost double Portland’s average, but these homes are worth it if you can afford them.

Starting a new life in Portland’s Healy Height would be a game-changer for any family. Even though every moving process is emotional, who could be homesick after relocating here? If you’re not sure how to organize a long-distance move to Portland, it might be a good idea to use a database such as Best Long Distance Movers to find a reliable moving crew that fits your needs best.

Sellwood Moreland – unique feel

Perhaps Portland’s most unique neighborhood is located three miles south of downtown Portland, across the Sellwood Bridge. But what makes this suburb different than others? The community was founded in 1876, tucked in between four public parks with a busy commercial corridor. Many antique shops, niche restaurants, art, and business services, make this suburb unique and always alive. From spending weekends at Oaks Amusement Park with your kids to enrolling them in the Classical Ballet Academy, the place is thriving with opportunities for quality family life. And with a median home value of $497,757, Sellwood Moreland has the best affordability-amenities ratio in the Portland area.

Alameda – historical vibe of Portland

Alameda is a bit of a remote, elite enclave with the most amazing architecture in Portland. Walking down these streets, you get to see Queen Ann, Tudors, and Craft bungalow homes. Even though the suburb is not too affordable, since the median home price reaches $800,000, you won’t regret it if you have the means to own a home here. One of the best Oregon schools – the Grant High School is here. Additionally, Sandy Boulevard is only a couple of minutes away for those who enjoy having urban amenities just around the corner.

The main feature of one of the best places to raise a family in the Portland area is the sense of community. The suburbs have a healthy environment, and everything is easily accessible, which is an essential factor for family life. To help you figure out which of these suburbs is the best for you, make a list of the things you find important. While doing it, prioritize the ones that are deal-makers and hand them to your real estate agent. With the right professional advice, you’ll be planning a housewarming party in the new neighborhood sooner than you think.


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