A/C Maintenance Tips

A/C Maintenance Tips A/C Maintenance
Check your A/C’s filters at the end of every month, making sure to clean or replace them at least once every three months.
Perform your A/C’s annual system maintenance service during the spring to avoid the busy summer season.
Keep the condensing unit free of debris.
Trim shrubs and plants near the condensing unit to ensure proper airflow and circulation.
Check your condensing unit’s fins to see if they’re bent. If so, you can find replacements at your local hardware store.
Listen for abnormal noises in the starting and standard operation of your A/C.
A/C Maintenance
Problem: Water leaks through the walls or ceiling of the A/C’s housing.
• Make sure the drain line is not restricted and condensation drains freely.

Problem: Your A/C constantly cycles on and off.
• Call a qualified professional to clean the evaporator unit and fan. Problem: Your A/C doesn’t make the air cool enough.

• Keep the area around the exterior condensing unit clear of leaves,
bushes and other obstructions to ensure adequate airflow.
• Clean or replace the air filter.
• Create shade for the unit.
• Secure the insulation firmly to the suction line (large line)
and replace any worn-out insulation.

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